Since 'e' filing has substituted manual filing everywhere an accountant who dose not have its knowledge will find to difficult to survive.
A student who undergoes above courses will get Webtel certification as certified 'e' Accountant. Webtel Certification as certified 'e' Accountant. Webtel Certification will give you recognition in corporate world for being a qualified professional and will ensure that person has good knowledge and expertise in 'e' filing which will help you to get a good job.

Not only this Webtel's Strong network of 15000 customers will immediately hire anyone having Webtel Certification.
About 'e' filing
  • 'e' filing has become the order of the day.
  • Income Tax Department was the first to start 'e'filing of TDS Returns in the year 2004.
  • After its Huge success, every department started accepting Returns electronically.
  • Today TDS, ITR, MCA, Service Tax, Excise, VAT Retuns are compulsorily to be filed electronically in most cases.
  • Railways, MCD, PSUs and other govt. departments have even made 'e' tendering mandatory.
About 'e' Accountants
Computerised Accounting started long back but Return Filing was still manual. The scenario has changed in the last 5 years. Gradually all our govt. departments have in for 'e' filing. Accountant has become an old concept, now it is time for 'e' Accountant, 'e' Accountant is one who knows Computerized accounting with.