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'e' filing of Income Tax Returns  
Chapter-01: Introdution of Income Tax
  • About Taxation, Income tax Act & Law
  • Gross Total Income & Computation of Income for AY 2017-2018
  • Manual Tax Calculation with Slab Rate
  • Prepaid Tax & Interest Calculation - U/s 234A/234B/234C
  • ITR Returns Forms AY 2017-2018
Chapter-02: Online - Pan Filing & E Filing Registration
  • What is PAN
  • How to apply PAN Online on
  • Registation for upload Return Online -
Chapter-03: Income From Salary & Other Sources With Deduction Chapter Vi-A
  • Salary Theroy - Basic Salary, Allowances, Perquisites
  • Income from Other Sources
  • Deduction Chapter VI-A of the Act
Chapter-04: Computation And Return Filing Of ITR-01
  • Computation of Salary and Other Sources
  • e-filing of ITR-01 (SAHAJ) through Web-e-Tax Software
Chapter-05: Income From House Property
  • How to find Annual Value of House Property
  • Calculate Income from House Property
Chapter-06: Computation And Return Filing of ITR-02
  • Computation of House Property
  • e filing of House Property Income in ITR-02
Chapter-07: Income Form Capital Gain And Taxable Agriculture Income
  • What is Capital Gain
  • Long Term Capital Gain
  • Short Term Capital Gain
  • Exemptions in Capital Gain
  • Calculation of Agriculture Income
Chapter-08: Computation And Return Filing of ITR-02
  • Computation of Capital Gain and Agriculture Income
  • e filing of Capital Gain and Agriculture Income in ITR-02
Chapter-09: Income From Business Income - Proprietorship Income
  • Business Income - Chargeable to Tax
  • Expenses Allowed and Disallowed
  • Explaination of Sections related to Return ITR-03
Chapter-10 Computation And Return Filing of ITR-03
  • Computation of Business Income (PGBP)
  • Calculate Net Profit form Profit and Loss Account
  • e filing of proprietorship Income in ITR-03
Chapter-11 Computation And Return Filing of Presumptive Income - ITR-04 (Sugam)
  • Sections related to Presumtive Income
  • Compute Income on Presumptive Basis
  • e-filing of Presumptive Income in ITR-04
Chapter-12 Income From Partnership Firm
  • What is Partnership Deed
  • Net Profit from Partnership Firm
Chapter-13 Computation And Return Filing of ITR-05
  • Computation of Partnership Firm
  • e-filing of Partnership Firm in ITR-05
Chapter-14 Companies Returns
  • Balance sheet & Profit and Loss Accounts
  • Computation of Net Profit and Loss
  • e-filing of ITR-06