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  • No need to go to '' site for downloading Forms.
  • Automatic generation of Monthly, Quarterly and Half-Yearly.
  • Facility to Upload new Return Forms 231,232,233,234,235,CST Form I in electronic format. Facility to Generate and Upload Form 501 for Refund and e-Sale/e-Purchase. No need to enter user name password on Fill it in the Software only once.
  • Fill M VAT Return offline and submit online directly through Software.
  • Auto fill of MVAT Audit Report in Form 704 through MVAT and CST Return.
  • Automatic Generation of M VAT & CST Challan.
  • Automatic generation of TDS Return, TDS Challan in Form 405 and TDS certificate in Form 402 under MVAT Act.
  • Facility to file Revised Returns.
  • Facility for preparation of Profession Tax Return.
  • Excellent Form Management i.e Report for Received/Pending Form C,E1,E2,F,H,I,J etc. available for Form Tracking. No need to keep records manually.
  • Facility to submit online Requisition for Statutory Forms through Excel.
  • Facility to Import Data through Excel Template of M VAT Return.
  • Generation of Consolidated Sales & Tax Summary of various tax periods for comparison with accounts.
  • Efficient and Effective Document Management System to replace manual records.
  • Facility for LIVE UPDATES.